Pig In…

There comes a time in life when you are presented with an opportunity that you know in your own heart you would be foolish to pass up.

For me as a writer this would be the chance to spend ones days in bookshops, browsing and reading books both new and old, sitting in a convivial atmosphere with fellow ‘wordsmiths, ’ discussing the whimsies of plot, structure and genre. One would probably consider this, using a well-known cliché, to being like a pig in, well you know the rest! Pig In…

So when I was offered the opportunity in early February to help set up a new independent bookstore in Weedon, Northants, it was difficult to turn down. I failed to realise of course that I actually haven’t worked full time since I retired from the Police. Also running a business – yes I still do that as well, it all came as a bit of a shock I can tell you.

Since then we’ve been setting up the shop. I can reveal that I have also become the flat-pack bookshelf king, cabinet maker and a barista! We will soon be ready to open full time and will have an official opening around about the end of April.

Some of the things we have planned to do are evening events, allow groups to have their meetings, book signings and lots of other bookish things, including, hopefully, Q & A’s with authors new and old over Skype. The possibilities are endless as we have a huge 2,500 square feet to play with.

You can come and visit us now if you want, as long as you can put up with us setting the place up. You can get coffee, cake and free WiFi as well.

Where are we? We are in the Old Ordnance Depot on Harmans Way, Weedon, NN7 4PS. Building No 1, upstairs. The name of the store is ‘The Booksmith.’

See you in there…

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