A First Reading!

reading 1I was very apprehensive of my very first reading session at a local business networking group. Now as a person who teaches coppers and other difficult students – or used to, you would think that standing up in front of a dozen or so professional people would be easy.

Well that may have been the case in the past because I was talking or training about a subject that I understand intimately. Educating delegates as opposed to entertaining the attendees at this networking event.

But this was the first time I have actually talked about myself and if I am honest it is not something I am particularly keen on doing. So you can understand my apprehension.

So – I started; I fumbled a bit at the start – like you do on a first date -but eventually I got my second wind (or was that the curry I had for lunch) and told the assembled group a little about myself, and how my novel developed.

Then of course one has to read from your book. Now, the last time I actually read ‘out loud’ from text was when I was at school. Was I going to trip over my own words? Did I change them as I read, then wonder whether the changes should have been made to the text before it got published?

Those who ‘know’ always tell you that you should read your chapters out loud, because if it doesn’t flow then it won’t work. I did read my chapters as I finished writing them even if it did seem a strange thing to do in the silence of my own home.

Clapping HandsSo I read a few paragraphs, building tension in the audience. And what happened?

I got applause…

Now that’s never happened before!

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