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‘Blind Murder,’ published in all formats by New Generation Publishing

A novel, set in Northampton. A town I have lived and worked in for over thirty years. It is a story of what is the coldest and most ruthless of murders – REVENGE!

BinghamTyler is a psychopath
Bingham Tyler wants Jim Kingsfield DEADBingham Tyler will stop at nothing to have his REVENGE

In 1994 a woman is found stabbed to death on a Northampton council estate by probationary PC, Jim Kingsfield – his first murder.

Eighteen years later, Detective Inspector Jim Kingsfield, now married to forensic pathologist, Kirsty, is unaware that he and his wife are being targeted by Bingham, who’s lust for revenge will have explosive and life changing consequences for them all.

Jake Jordan is a traffic cop, thrown into this revenge fuelled mix, putting his job to the test, while his marriage falls apart.


‘Absolutely riveting’ |‘Opens a particularly vile and fascinating can of worms |‘Powerful and entertaining.’| ‘An intense and graphic offering.’ | ‘Books written by police officers, always have a slightly different style of writing, |

5 Star reviews on Amazon:

‘An excellent book and what I particularly like is the fact that it doesn’t always go where you think it will. The characters are excellently portrayed and I look forward to the sequel.’ (Michael)

‘Wow, great story line. Not my normal read but I found it an excellent read. A book that is very hard to put down once started. I can’t wait to read the second book. Definely an author to watch out for in the future.’ (Edith)

‘Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I am a fan of Peter James, James Patterson, Katy Reichs and many of the other mainstream crime writers. This easily matched them in terms of twists, turns, suspense and action. Highly recommended and I can’t wait for the next instalment. Also loved it being set in an area which I know and very convincingly portrayed. Buy it now. I want to see this guy on the list of best sellers.’ (Katherine)


Drug Influence Recognition & Field Impairment Testing

The 4th Edition of my non-fiction ‘Guide for Police Officers’ on Field Impairment Testing is now available from my book purchase page – HERE

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